Christmas Nail Art Design

French Manicure

Colour fade technique

IBD - Just Gel Polish - Full Blu-um

Halloween Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art - Hand Painted

Halloween Nail Art - Hand Painted

Gelish Nail Art

Gelish - Xmas Collection 2012

Gelish - Black Shadow and Silver French tips

Gelish - Snakeskin effect

Gelish - My Favourite Bleue-Tique

Turquoise Rockstar Toes/Gelish 

Express Nails System, using stiletto tips, Gelish overlay, colour Night Reflection

Gelish Rockstar Toes

Gelish Nail Art

Artistic Colour Gloss

Gelish - Up in the blue and Arctic White glitter fade Tips

New Holiday Gelish Collection - The Naughty List & Little Miss Sparkle on the Ring Fingers.

Gelish - Black Shadow, Good Gossip & Tumberline Violet 

Close Up - Stunning Colour Combo

Gelish - Commander in Chic & Shake your money maker

Gelish Nail Art - Client was going to a fancy dress party as an FBI Agent.

Gelish - EFX & Vegas Nights, and waterfield.

Gelish - Queen of Hearts & Big City Siren

Gelish - Colour Fade Nail Art - Using 4 different colours to blend.

Artistic Colour Gloss - Mocha Chino & Gelish Bronzed 

Gelish - Nail Art - Black Shadow & Gossip Girl French Twist

Artistic Colour Gloss - Louella Belle - Psyched

Gelish - Iron Princess, Vegas Nights and Water field

Gelish - Nail Art 

Gelish - Ooba Ooba Blue - and EFX effects

Gelish - Big City Siren - (summer sizziling nights collection)

Gelish nail art - with genuine swarovski crystals

Gelish - My favourite bleue-tique - with genuine swarovski crystals

Gelish - Pink nails french with a twist (nail art)

Olympic Nails (Gelish) Hand painted

Gelish - French with a twist on just the ring finger

Gelish - Nail Art - Curvy French with a twist

Gelish - Up in the Blue and Midnight Caller (shimmer)

Gelish - Colour Combo

Gelish - Jubilee Nails 

Gelish Magneto Red.

Gelish - Neon Carnival Hangover and Vegas Nights

Gelish - Elegant Wish, Good Gossip and waterfeild flicks and Swarvoski Cyrstals.

Gelish - Deep Sea and Starburst topped with Vegas Nights.

Gelish - With snow flakes 

Gelish - Black Shadow - With EFX Range

Gelish Nail Art - Lace effect.

Gelish with gold leaf

Gelish - Nail Art - Retro style.

Gelish - 10 days old - still going strong - still shiny and no chips/lifting/splitting.

Gelish - Nail Art

Gelish - On natural nails - French manicure - square shaped nails.
As above - full view.

Gelish - As seen above - full view.

Gelish - Ocean Wave and ring finger - After Dark - topped with Vegas Nights.

Gelish - Elegant Wish - Good Gossip - Dorothy's ruby slippers. 

Gelish - Rock star toes - Full on glitter.

Gelish - Black Shadow and Rose Garden on ring fingers - topped with Vegas Nights.

Gelish - Nail Art - Black and White.

Gelish - Nail Art - EFX Range with nail art and Swarovski Cyrstals.

Gelish - Neons with EFX range.

Gelish - Full neon range as nail art - retro. 

Gelish nail art

Gelish - gossip girl and crystals

Gelish Sculpted nails - topped with gelish Night Reflection.

Gelish nail art - swirls


Gelish nail art- Union Jacks

Gelish - Mint Icing

Gelish - Tiger Blossom and Vegas Nights

Gelish Gossip Girl and Vegas Nights

Gelish - nail art - inspired by Lady GAGA - As seen on her poker face video.

Gelish Gossip girl

Gelish - Caution and Vegas Nights
Gelish - nail art - zebra Stripes

Gelish - French Manicure

Gelish Red Roses
Gelish French Manicure on short nails