Holo Effect Pigment. 

Stunning Light Blue with Mermaid Effects. 

Lovely Classic Summer Pink

Magpie Glitter with a natural look. 

Gorgeous Blue with glitter

Beautiful combo using glitter and gel polish

Nice and sparkly, full effect looks amazing in real life. 

Different shades of Blue with mermaid pigment

Natural and pretty

Neutral with Gems

Gel Polish and Mermaid Pigment

Beautiful Gel Polish and Glitter

Gel Polish and Pigment Fading

Beautiful Gel Polish and Glitter

Christmas Nail Art using Gel Polish and Glitter

Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art Design

French Manicure

Colour fade technique

IBD - Just Gel Polish - Full Blu-um

Halloween Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art - Hand Painted

Halloween Nail Art - Hand Painted

Gelish Nail Art

Gelish - Xmas Collection 2012

Gelish - Black Shadow and Silver French tips

Gelish - Snakeskin effect

Gelish - My Favourite Bleue-Tique

Turquoise Rockstar Toes/Gelish 

Express Nails System, using stiletto tips, Gelish overlay, colour Night Reflection

Gelish Rockstar Toes

Gelish Nail Art

Artistic Colour Gloss

Gelish - Up in the blue and Arctic White glitter fade Tips

New Holiday Gelish Collection - The Naughty List & Little Miss Sparkle on the Ring Fingers.

Gelish - Black Shadow, Good Gossip & Tumberline Violet 

Close Up - Stunning Colour Combo

Gelish - Commander in Chic & Shake your money maker

Gelish Nail Art - Client was going to a fancy dress party as an FBI Agent.

Gelish - EFX & Vegas Nights, and waterfield.

Gelish - Queen of Hearts & Big City Siren

Gelish - Colour Fade Nail Art - Using 4 different colours to blend.

Artistic Colour Gloss - Mocha Chino & Gelish Bronzed 

Gelish - Nail Art - Black Shadow & Gossip Girl French Twist

Artistic Colour Gloss - Louella Belle - Psyched

Gelish - Iron Princess, Vegas Nights and Water field

Gelish - Nail Art 

Gelish - Ooba Ooba Blue - and EFX effects

Gelish - Big City Siren - (summer sizziling nights collection)

Gelish nail art - with genuine swarovski crystals

Gelish - My favourite bleue-tique - with genuine swarovski crystals

Gelish - Pink nails french with a twist (nail art)

Olympic Nails (Gelish) Hand painted

Gelish - French with a twist on just the ring finger

Gelish - Nail Art - Curvy French with a twist

Gelish - Up in the Blue and Midnight Caller (shimmer)

Gelish - Colour Combo

Gelish - Jubilee Nails 

Gelish Magneto Red.

Gelish - Neon Carnival Hangover and Vegas Nights

Gelish - Elegant Wish, Good Gossip and waterfeild flicks and Swarvoski Cyrstals.

Gelish - Deep Sea and Starburst topped with Vegas Nights.

Gelish - With snow flakes 

Gelish - Black Shadow - With EFX Range

Gelish Nail Art - Lace effect.

Gelish with gold leaf

Gelish - Nail Art - Retro style.

Gelish - 10 days old - still going strong - still shiny and no chips/lifting/splitting.

Gelish - Nail Art

Gelish - On natural nails - French manicure - square shaped nails.
As above - full view.

Gelish - As seen above - full view.

Gelish - Ocean Wave and ring finger - After Dark - topped with Vegas Nights.

Gelish - Elegant Wish - Good Gossip - Dorothy's ruby slippers. 

Gelish - Rock star toes - Full on glitter.

Gelish - Black Shadow and Rose Garden on ring fingers - topped with Vegas Nights.

Gelish - Nail Art - Black and White.

Gelish - Nail Art - EFX Range with nail art and Swarovski Cyrstals.

Gelish - Neons with EFX range.

Gelish - Full neon range as nail art - retro. 

Gelish nail art

Gelish - gossip girl and crystals

Gelish Sculpted nails - topped with gelish Night Reflection.

Gelish nail art - swirls


Gelish nail art- Union Jacks

Gelish - Mint Icing

Gelish - Tiger Blossom and Vegas Nights

Gelish Gossip Girl and Vegas Nights

Gelish - nail art - inspired by Lady GAGA - As seen on her poker face video.

Gelish Gossip girl

Gelish - Caution and Vegas Nights
Gelish - nail art - zebra Stripes

Gelish - French Manicure

Gelish Red Roses
Gelish French Manicure on short nails